ANNI Newsletter: The Neuron Flash

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The Neuro Flash is an inhouse newsletter for our staff to keep up to date and learn a little something.

Several members of our staff contribute to the publication which is produce quarterly (or so…).


Issues of “The Neuron Flash”


Issue One-April 2016                     Issue Two- July 2016               Issue Three- October 2016

Issue Four- January 2017         Issue Five- May 2017              Issue Six- August 2017

Issue Seven- December 2017          Issue Eight   - March 2018              Issue Nine- June 2018

Issue Ten- September 2018             Issue Eleven- December 2018             Issue Twelve- April 2019

Issue Thirteen- August 2019           Issue Fourteen- December 2019             Issue Fifteen- April 2020

Issue Sixteen- October 2020           Issue Seventeen- March 2021              - May 2021